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New Feline Patient Form


Recent History & Risk Factor Evaluation

Since your last visit, some aspects of your cat’s lifestyle might have changed. We’ll use this information to help evaluate your cat’s health and individualize the care your cat receives, including vaccinations and examinations. Please indicate by circling which items below describe your cat’s lifestyle.

My cat

Goes outside:
Lives with other cats:
Is boarded:
Comes into contact with cats other than house-mates:
I plan to get an additional cat someday:
Goes to a groomer:
Lives with or visits an immunocompromised person:
Please indicate if your pet is on any medication:

Do you need a refill for any of the above medications today?
Has a Microchip:

Please answer the following questions about your cat’s recent behavior.

Appetite is:
Water consumption:
Bowel movements:
Using litter box:
Bad Breath:
Coughing or gagging:
Any listlessness:
Any weakness:
Shaking head:
Hair loss:
New lumps or bumps:
Unusual discharge:
Difficulty rising:
Reluctant to jump:
Any behavioral changes: